Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hello! It's been a bit, yes? I decided that I will not continue to blog about my personal life (for privacy reasons of Tim and I) BUT I will be blogging about some new hobbies I have and hope to obtain :) So please follow me over at Naturally Simple to continue to keep in touch with me. 

And yes, I had my baby :) Picture of her on my new blog!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Does This Count as an Update??

So much for that whole staying motivated to keep you updated.  I guess I’ll have to take to twitter.  It seems like the more my abdomen grows the more lackadaisical I become when it comes to my to-do list (note: nesting never set in..oops).  Also, my new life is a little lack luster.  I’m more excited for what’s to come once I have my daughter and my body back than I am about the ‘miracle’ happening inside me now.  Tim and I will be surfing together, I can finally go on all the incredible hikes I’ve been dying to take and I can continue to skip the gym every time I plan on going J


Norah is here in 5 weeks.  Less, if I’m one of those lucky mommas (so not going to be the case).  Her nursery looks like a tornado hit it and I freak out on a daily basis due to my lack of hospital bag and my heinously messy car (Tim’s car is a mess too…for the record). Yeah. We’re totally ready for her to come early.


As ready as we AREN’T, I can’t wait.  I’m ready for this next step in our lives.  I’m absolutely terrified but I’m ready.  I’m ready for people to stop grabbing my belly.  I’m ready for all of the UNWANTED advice I’m sure I’ll receive/am already receiving J I’m ready to sleep on my stomach again.  And I’m ready to meet my daughter.

Note: These beautiful pictures were all taken by my talented momma :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis Turned Plan Part: 2

So back in April (pre-pregnancy discovery), I wrote a piece called Quarter Life Crisis Part: 1.  Did you ever see a part two after that? Anyone? No? That’s ok…me either. Friends, that’s because karma bit me. That’s what you get for making a plan. Don’t be so silly as to think your life is in your own hands! These are quotes thrown at me by God, the universe, Mother Earth…whatever may be your deity of choice.  The point is, I so pompously made a plan that was inevitably destined to backfire right into my stupid type A face.

The silly couple who thought they had their life planned, last fall

Now I sit here, in the most uncomfortable fashion because some little tummy alien has taken over my body. And I don’t have a plan. It scares the crap out of me.  I will not be starting school this Fall to become a Surgical Tech. I will instead, be growing said tummy alien. Come January, I will be caring for the most beautiful little girl I’m sure I’ll have ever laid eyes on. That’s my plan. That’s all I know right now. Do I wish I knew more? Yes. Absolutely. But with the obstacles life has thrown my way lately, I’ve learned to just go with what’s given me and feel grateful that Tim and I are blessed with the amazing support system that is our family and friends.

Me, 6 months along, growing my sweet little tummy alien :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Falling too early?

It’s fall! Which means it is absolutely fair game to throw up your Halloween decorations right? Right! Tim and I are blessed to live with a wonderful couple who whole heartedly share our love for the holiday season. In fact, they surprised US by having some amazing d├ęcor up when we came home the other night. I then returned the favor by dropping too much money on a sale at Michaels craft store. Here are just a few pictures that really don’t do our home justice.

Our female roomie, B made those bottles. She is so crafty! I think I have quite a bit to learn from her.

I couldn't pass up these cute little pumpkin heads! 

Our badass front yard. Have to give the roomies full credit for that one. We're currently looking for body parts to throw out there as well. I'm so excited for what the other holidays are going to bring! I'm usually super cutesy and conservative with my decorations but they really like to go all out and it's so refreshing not to hold back. I'm pretty sure we'll be the only decorated house on the block (does anyone decorate for Halloween anymore?? Kind of makes me sad) and I'm ok with that.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I’m going to be blunt. Call me a bad mother if you want. Judge me. I really don’t care. I hate being pregnant. I hate the way I don’t recognize my body.  I miss the freedom I had in surfing, hiking, running and just BEING in nature and the world. And dammit I miss my wine.

                                   Poor girl-She never saw 9 months of abstinence coming 

Despite my animosity toward my delicate condition, I’m not hating the little wifey it is helping me slowly transform into. The other day, Tim was in the garage organizing and I was in the kitchen making lunch and cleaning. Bliss.

Ok- seriously?

Yes. I had absolutely nothing to worry about! Nothing on my mind except for the love of my growing little family.  If you knew me before, you wouldn’t recognize me now. I wasn’t ever exactly gunning for the route of domestication, yet here I am. And I couldn’t be happier.

But I swear to everything holy, once Norah is here and it’s safe to do so I will be enjoying my nightly bottle glass of wine to my heart’s content. Judge away peeps!

Did you ever think you'd be where you are now 3 years ago?